Your wedding day will fly by. Make sure you can relive it over and over again! By hiring a videographer, you've hired someone to create a virtual time machine for you. It is important to note, that photography and videography are two completely different art forms. One dealing with still images, the other with motion and audio.

It is important to know the difference between a "video-taper" and "videographer". A professional videographer will never use the term "in camera editing". This style is merely "videotaping" and requires no style or talent. They are instead given a list of what to shoot and simply press "on" or "off". A skilled videographer should be able to edit, transition, enhance, add still images/slideshows, sync music, and create a flow. Since they require just as much labor and talent as a photographer, the price tag should be similar to that of the photographer as well.

Here are some things to look for when choosing the right Videographer for you!

  • Is the picture clear or jumpy? 
  • How's the sound and lighting?
  • How long is it? Does it keep you entertained? Do you feel emotion?
  • How are the transitions? Does it tell the story from begining to end?



Omaha / Surrounding Areas          Kelly LaFleur


Central Nebraska / Surrounding Areas    Andi Sweeney


Omaha / Surrounding Areas          Joel & Kate Ruldoff