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Hiring a professional photographer is probably the most important step of planning your wedding. It is the only thing that will preserve the memories of your day, and if you pick a bad one, you can't redo a wedding. A professional photographer in Nebraska averages between $2,500-$5,000. Each photographer below has demonstrated exceptional quality and service in order to be NWVA qualified. Any one of them will do a fantastic job for you, but here's a couple easy steps from Robert Wurth with Studio Orange to picking your perfect match!

Step 1: Decide how important photos are to you, then allocate a portion of the budget accordingly, look at photographers in that range of the budget you've chosen. 

Step 2: Forget the money! Once you've got several chosen within your budget, make your final decision on who's photos you LOVE...not who's you will "settle for" because they're a couple hundred cheaper than the other.