Stationery & invites

"First Impressions are everything!" Invitation design is no exception! Wedding invitations are like the trailer to a great movie. They not only pass on important information like the where and when, it gives your guests a glimpse as to what to expect at your wedding. From the formality, colors, sets the tone for all to come. Custom, professional quality invitations are a sure fire way to get your guests excited. Opening a creatively designed invitation means they won't want to miss out on such a well thought out event! I cannot count the times I've heard "Wow! If this is the invitation...imagine what the wedding will be like!"  

So, How will you get your message across? 


Ordering Timeline:

6-9 months- Mail 'Save The Dates'

4-6 months- Design, Edit, & Order Invites

6-8 weeks- Address & Mail Invites

4-6 weeks - order programs, menu cards, place cards, thank yous



Omaha / Surrounding Areas          Tara Grell


Omaha / Surrounding Areas   Brittany Russell


Omaha, NE          Emily Aveni



Omaha / Lincoln / Surrounding Areas          Dana Osborne