Why purchase hundreds of itemized decor, when you can rent them and save a ton of money!? From linens and dishware, to furniture and decor, rentals can push your event a step above the rest! Unlike purchasing second hand, you know that your rental items are clean, pressed, and in great condition when they arrive. Additionally, you don't have to worry about washing anything after the fact. 

Decide what is needed, and what you'd want if you had the budget for it. For example, chairs, linens, and tables are things that are a necesssity for your guests. special napkins, table decor, and glass vs. plastic dishware may be something you'd like to have as budget allows, and things like draping, lighting, chargers, furniture, etc. are atmosphere changing elements that can take your event to the highest level of luxury.


Lincoln / Omaha / Surrounding Areas                       Hilary Kieser


Omaha / Surrounding Areas            Stephen Finkle


Omaha / Surrounding Areas          Suzanne Langdon



Seward / Lincoln / Omaha          Marcy Fougerson