You can't get married without an officiant! There are many options available when it comes to officiants, but they all MUST be ordained. This makes the marriage process legal and binding. Regardless of weather it is a pastor, justice of the peace, family, priest, etc., the fee will likely cost you anywhere from $150-$300. This is also customary "tipping" or "donation to the church" in the instances in which they say they will do it for "free". The officiants listed here have lots of experience and great public speaking. They are also very skilled in creating custom ceremonies to include your unique beliefs, styles, and traditions.   

PRO TIP: If you're having a religious ceremony, make yourself aware of any pre-marital religious requirements you will need to fufill ( i.e.; marriage counseling). Be sure to also get permission before bringing in any outside officiant to perform a ceremony inside a religious building/sanctuary. 


Lincoln, NE          Susie & Tom Joyce


Omaha, NE        Chaplain Royal


Omaha / Surrounding Areas          Shari McCormick