hair & Makeup

Hiring a professional hair stylist and makeup artists ensure that you will look your very best on your wedding day, and make that look last throughout the whole night. Differences can definitely be seen reflected in photos between a professional and non professional stylist application. Be sure your look is flawless! It is important that these stylists are certified and are using approved products.   Beauty services for hair and makeup will range from $50-$125 per service. Each stylist below are certified and provide outstanding work and safe products in order to be NWVA qualified. Any one of them will do a fantastic job for you! Here's a couple tips we recommend when selecting an artist:

1. Keep It Natural. You are already gorgeous, and it's the artist's job to enhance this beauty...not hide it. Your look should be a reflection of you, and your wedding day is not a time to experiment with fashion fads that you'll regret a year later. 
2. Do A Trial. Some artists include a free trial, while others will charge an extra fee. Either way, it's worth it! Make sure your artist can perfect the look you want, and you won't have any adverse reactions to the products they use. Why not plan these trials to match up with Engagement shoots, bridal showers, or even date night!? 


Lincoln / Surrounding Areas          Alicia Borer


La Vista / Surrounding Areas          Christine Danderand


Lincoln / Surrounding / Destination         Amanda Banghart